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The Garrard Family have been teaching people how to surf for over 80 years and  have had a long involvement with the Surf industry.  Paul's grandfather an Olympic wrestler while on his way home from the 1934 London Commonwealth games made a stopover in Hawaii and had the good fortune to meet and surf with the Duke. He brought back a few solid redwood boards from this visit which were then used at Torquay beach and the surrounding breaks. Dick Garrard(1910-2003) was a key local figure into the introduction of surfing throughout Victoria and Australia with just some of his accomplishments including:

  • One of the first to surf Bells Beach in the late 1930's
  • Founding member of Torquay Boardriders.
  • Australian Weightlifting record holder.
  • Founding member of Torquay Surf Club in the early 1940's, being their first ever member to represent the State  of Victoria at a surf Carnival.
  • Helping fund the early stages of the development of the “Great Ocean Road" including the cliff top track to Bells.

Since early 1999, Gboards have been the industry leader to the soft board market and currently supply learn to surf and beginner boards to the majority of the Surf School market throughout Australia.  Coming from a 3rd generation surf family, born and bred on the Surfcoast of Victoria, founder Paul Garrard's aim was and still is “Surfing should be Fun, Safe and Accessible to everyone.”


    Designed specifically to provide the safest, most forgiving (easiest) introduction into surfing. Gboards are the best riding, most durable soft boards available.

    While many other soft boards on the the market soak up water like a sponge if punctured or damaged, Gboards are made from a closed cell foam. This means, little if any water will be absorbed by the foam core. Using this type of foam gives Gboards a much greater life span (less landfill) and makes them much easier to repair.

    Gboards are also one the closest softboards in design and shape to a real surfboard. A curvier shape and tapered rails mean that Gboard softboards perform a lot more like a real surfboard compared to other soft boards on the market. Meaning once you've mastered the basic manoeuvres, the transition to a real surfboard is much easier.

    Gboards has earned a reputation over many years for being one of the safest, durable and most of all FUN learn to surf soft boards available. 

    OUR AIM:

    To be the leading provider of Safe and Fun soft surfboards in the world.

    To positively impact on the growth of surfing interest and participation to the wider general public.

    To produce the best possible product that will give our customers years of enjoyment in the waves.